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The safety of our members and employees remains our priority

June 16, 2022

Ontario public health guidelines around COVID-19 have changed.

How does that affect TTCPP’s delivery of services to our members and how does it affect our employees? Here’s what you need to know.


  • Our offices are presently undergoing renovations, so we are unable to have in-person meetings; we expect to start hosting meetings again in September


  • Though the mask mandate has been lifted for many settings, it is still highly recommended that TTCPP employees wear masks in meetings and whenever they are unable to physically distance from others
  • Occupancy limits have also been lifted; however, we recommend that employees continue to physically distance from each other where possible

We’re working hard every day to deliver on our pension promise. That means continuing to provide the information and resources you need when you need them. It means making sure pension payments are delivered on time. It means keeping operations running efficiently and on schedule across our organization.

We can’t wait until we can see our members in person again. Until then, we’ll continue to support you with responsiveness, open communication and hands on service.

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