Responsible Investing

At TTCPP, we invest with a view to the long term. Just as we are committed to supporting our members throughout their retirement, our investment portfolio reflects our focus on selecting investment strategies and assets that support the long-term sustainability of the Plan. We seek out companies that have sound corporate governance structures and practices while also considering other nonfinancial risks, including environmental and social factors.

To us, always being there for our members means being invested in companies that have solid and sustainable potential. This helps ensure that the Plan will continue to provide the pension income our members can count on—for their whole life, and for generations of members to come.

Recent investment highlights


Brookfield Global Transition Fund
The Brookfield Global Transition Fund is managed by Brookfield Asset Management for investing in and facilitating the global transition to a net-zero-carbon economy. This initiative will invest in the development and accessibility of renewable energy sources and the transformation of carbon-intensive businesses. Each investment will be measured against the objectives of the Paris Agreement goal to reach global net-zero emissions by 2050.

Partner: Brookfield Asset Management
Investment date: December 2021
Locations: North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific


RadioOnkologieNetzwerk GmbH (“RON”) is the leading radiotherapy platform in Germany with an extensive network, providing cancer care services at 17 different sites across five states. Combined with an existing investment, DWS Group’s acquisition of RON creates a leading pan-European provider of cancer care and advanced diagnostic imaging services.

Partner: DWS Group
Investment date: November 2021
Location: Germany

articulate-2 (1)

Articulate helps learning and development professionals design innovative e-learning tools ranging from compliance training to skills development. Over 100 million learners have taken courses designed through Articulate to date. With all 100 of the Fortune 100 as customers, Articulate continues to develop and launch products to assist current and new customers with course authoring tools.

Partner: ICONIQ Capital
Investment date: July 2021
Location: United States

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