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Driving us forward: Our new strategic plan

June 26, 2023

In 2022, we launched our new strategic plan to guide us in our goal to enhance our service to TTC Pension Plan members and deliver long-term pension security.

The new strategic plan focuses on four key pillars:



Continue to enhance sustainability of the Plan

Strategic priorities:

  • Develop strategies and deploy assets to improve the financial sustainability of the Plan, today and tomorrow
  • Develop strategies to better understand investment risks, including those that are posed by environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters
  • Implement a robust and transparent enterprise risk management framework to govern the organization



Enhance engagement with our Board, active and retired members, and stakeholders

Strategic priorities:

  • Deliver a comprehensive member and pensioner communication strategy to improve engagement
  • Seek and eliminate information barriers, siloed responsibilities, and inefficient decision-making processes at all levels of the organization
  • Continue to nurture and build relationships with Board members, sponsors, industry stakeholders, and regulators



Enable service excellence by investing in our systems to get better information, faster

Strategic priorities:

  • Transform the pension administration function through technology
  • Enhance feedback mechanisms in order to gauge member satisfaction



Develop our talent and foster a purpose-driven workplace culture

Strategic priorities:

  • Execute staff resourcing and retention strategies to meet the challenges of tomorrow
  • Enhance the clarity of our Mission, Vision and Values through a purpose-driven positive workplace culture

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