Helping to provide a financially secure retirement for our members

The TTC Pension Plan (TTCPP) is a defined benefit pension plan that has been helping members ensure their secure financial retirement since 1940. Our goal is to provide our members with a reliable pension income they can count on for life. We are committed to serving every member with responsiveness, transparency and open communication, now and throughout their retirement.

Active members of the Plan are employees of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113, or TTCPP who have completed six months of continuous service. Members contribute to the Plan and their employers make equal contributions, which are collectively invested and managed by external investment managers. When a member retires, they receive a monthly income based on their average earnings and years of service.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

At the heart of our commitment to providing a sustainable pension plan is a clear set of tenets that guides everything we do as an organization.

Learn about our Mission, Vision and Values

Plan Performance

In a year that offered both optimism and challenges, TTC Pension Plan continued to navigate the ongoing pandemic to deliver on our promise to our members. In 2021, despite another year of uncertainty in the global markets, we successfully managed the Plan through the turbulence to exceed our investment targets.

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Meet the Leadership Team

James Clarkson

Acting Chief Executive Officer

Titi Desbiens

VP Human Resources

Andrew Greene

Chief Investment Officer

Donna Miyasaki

VP Communications

Helen Redmond

VP Pension Administration and Corporate Secretary

Read the TTCPP Bylaws

The TTCPP Bylaws is the governing document that sets out the terms of the Plan. It defines how we calculate contributions and benefits, along with all other aspects of the Plan. Download the full text of the Bylaws below.


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