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80 years and counting

July 3, 2021

The year 2020 marked the 80th anniversary of the TTC Pension Plan (TTCPP). Since 1940, the story of TTCPP has been one of extraordinary success.

Through massive technological and societal changes, turbulent markets, and most recently, a global pandemic, one thing TTCPP members have always been able to count on is having a secure retirement income for life.

The Plan has seen impressive growth in membership and assets over the years. In 1940, the Plan had 2,606 members by the end of the year; membership has grown almost tenfold since then. In 1975, the Plan had $100 million in assets; today, it has almost $8 billion in assets. TTCPP members, sponsors, and employees have much to celebrate.

In 2021, TTCPP launched an exciting new look, logo, and Mission, Vision & Values, which articulate our dedication to our members, the sustainability of the Plan, and the highest levels of professionalism and service.

At TTCPP, we live our values every day, and we’ll continue to work hard to deliver on our pension promise long into the future.

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